Orthodontic Dental Technology Association Affiliations:

Gesellschaft für Kieferorthopädische Zahntechnik (GK) Germany.

Association for Orthodontic Dental Technology

About the GK:
The Association for orthodontic dental technology represents the interests of Orthodontists-oriented dental technology at the international level since its inception in October 1990 and hosted the Harzer training seminar per year.

What are the Objectives of the GK
• International communication within the professional organizations
• Excellence in orthodontic dental technology
• Annual training event
• Stimulate and support interdisciplinary movements
• Raise awareness of ethics, self-criticism, and enhanced collaboration

Tasks of the GK
• To promote the exchange of ideas among themselves with their partners
• Organization of training and education in the orthodontic dental
• Advocacy for the orthodontic dental technicians

Services for members
• Contacts with professional colleagues and professional organizations
• Every two years, an updated list of members at home and abroad
• Exchange of ideas and experience at national and international level
• Possibility of active participation in society
• Online Dictionary of orthodontic technology
• Extensive literature list on orthodontics
• Regular information about the company (leaf springs)

Currently, the annual fee for membership in the GK is 60,00 euro

For further information about the GK please contact:

Heike Pietack
Wieselspring 31
15234 Frankfurt (Oder)
Tel.: +49 (335) 40073992
Fax: +49 (335) 4003658
E-Mail: [email protected]



Christian Born
Old Marzahn 25 e
12685 Berlin
Tel .: +49 (030) 20622000
E-Mail: christian.born @ gk-online.org



Gesellschaft für Kieferorthopädische Zahntechnik website: http://gk-online.org/

Italian Orthodontic Technicians Association (ORTEC):

For further information about ORTEC  please contact:

Head of the Association: 
Massimo Cicatiello   [email protected]

Cultural Manager: 
Daniela Pavesi  [email protected]

Gianluigi Lastilla   [email protected]

Web Site Manager: 
Giuseppe Grimaldi  [email protected]

Head of the magazine “Technical Orthodontics”: 
Patrizio Evangelista  [email protected]

Website address: www.ortec.it

About the PTTO:

The Polish society of Orthodontic Techniques was formed on 02 March 2012 in Wrocław, at the initiative of Dr. Beaty Tokarczuk and founding members.The Association aims to focus both dental technicians and dentists associated with the technique of ortodontyczną.

What are the objectives of the PTTO?
The purpose of PTTO is the development and progress of Orthodontics for the orthodontic technician’s laboratory, physicians, Orthodontists, and, above all, patients. We would like to act as an independent and self-contained body of institutions and individuals by the use of any laboratory techniques orthodontic and services to augment, improve education and knowledge of the people actively involved in ortodoncję by media, publications, lectures and conferences and other appropriate measures.The aim is also keeping a record of members and their qualifications, and contribution to the funds of the Association by any legal means, and cooperation with other organizations with a view to the promotion and implementation of the objectives of the Association.

For further information about the PTTO please contact:

President of the Board: Iwona Urbanek-Królikowska, tel. +48 602 649 640
Deputy President: Dr. Michał Sarul, tel. +48 607 102 635
Treasurer: Helena Frączek, tel. +48 609 576 016,
Secretary: Marzenna Karolczak, tel. +48 601 782 355,
Member of the Board: Piotr Więckowski. tel. +48 797 552 349

e-mail:  [email protected]

Website Address:  http://www.ptto.com.pl

Orthodontist Association Affiliations:

World Federation of Orthodontists

The purpose of the WFO: to advance the art and science of orthodontics throughout the world by fulfilling the following objectives:

  1. Encourage high standards in orthodontics throughout the world
  2. Encourage and assist in the formation of national associations and societies of Orthodontists when requested
  3. Encourage and assist in the formation of national and regional certifying boards in the field of orthodontics when requested
  4. Promote orthodontic research
  5. Disseminate scientific information
  6. Promote desirable standards of training and certification for orthodontists
  7. Organize the International Orthodontic Congress to be held at least once every five years.

International Orthodontic Congress information

WFO announces the Japanese Orthodontic Society will host the 9th International Orthodontic Congress in 2020. www.wfo.org/2020the9thInternationalOrthodonticCongress.aspx

For further details about the WFO please contact:
World Federation of Orthodontists
WFO Secretariat Office
401 North Lindbergh Boulevard
St. Louis, Missouri 63141-7816
Telephone: + 1-314-993-1700
Fax: +1-314-993-5208
Website: www.wfo.org

The British Orthodontic Society is a charity which aims to:
  • promote the study and practice of orthodontics
  • maintain and improve professional standards in orthodontics
  • encourage research and education in orthodontics

For further information about the British Orthodontic Society please contact:

British Orthodontic Society
12 Bridewell Place

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7353 8680
Fax: +44 (0)20 7353 8682
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.bos.org.uk

About the DGKFO:

The German Society of Orthodontics (DGKFO) has existed since 1908. It is the scientific society (trade) dentists, dealing with the prevention and correction of position errors of teeth as well as position and shape deviations of the jaw. Currently about 3000 members belong to the society; She turns to the task, fostering research in the field of orthodontics, the spread of German research at home and abroad through publications in their bilingual institution, contributing to the “Journal of orofacial orthopedics/progress of Orthodontics”, and to collaborate with scientific societies at home and abroad. To promote an intensive training of its members, as well as for maintaining a close connection between science and practice the DGKFO including regularly organises its scientific annual meetings, which generally take place domestically, less often with foreign trade companies in neighbouring countries. Each year, the Society Awards prestigious awards, including the “Arnold Baker Prize” for outstanding scientific work and a “year-best” prize for the best scientific publication from practice or school in the “Journal of orofacial orthopedics/progress of Orthodontics”. Still, the best posters and table and video demonstrations of the scientific annual meeting will be awarded and research projects supported by the Science Fund of the DGKFO.


Dental Technology Teaching Institutions (UK):


School of Dental Technology
School of Dentistry
Royal Hospitals
Grosvenor Road
BT12 6BP

Telephone/ email

0289 063 3866

Email: [email protected]

Website http://www.belfasttrust.hscni.net/hospitals/RVHIntro.htm

Course details
BTEC Extended Diploma in Dental Technology
Course duration: 3 years  full time


Birmingham Metropolitan University
Matthew Boulton
Jennens Road
B4 7PS

Telephone: 0121 446 4545

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.bmet.ac.uk

Course details:
BTEC Level 3 Diploma/Extended Diploma in Dental Technology


University of Bolton

Deane Road,



Website: http://www.bolton.ac.uk/Home.aspx


Room T0.18

Cardiff Metropolitan University
Western Avenue

Telephone/ email:

029 2041 6899 (telephone)

Website: http://www.cardiffmet.ac.uk/Pages/default.aspx

Course details:

BSc (Hons) Dental Technology – Full Time 3yrs
Foundation Degree –  Part Time 3yrs
MSc – Part Time 3yrs


Nottingham College
Maid Marian Way

Website: https://www.centralnottingham.ac.uk

Course details:

BTEC Extended National Diploma in Dental Technology


Lambeth College
45 Clapham Common Southside
Clapham Common

Telephone: 020 7501 5000

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.lambethcollege.ac.uk

Course details

The NEW BTEC (Extended) National Diploma in Dental Technology

Full time is three days a week in college and two days a week gaining work experience in a dental laboratory, over two years.
Part time is one day a week in college and four days a week in a dental laboratory as a paid trainee, over three years.


Leeds Dental Technology Programme
Leeds Dental Institute
Worsley Building
Clarendon Way
LS2 9 LU

Telephone: 0113 343 7829

E mail: [email protected]

Website www.leeds.ac.uk

Course details:

University Diploma in Dental Technology

Course duration:
3 years  full time with a bursary
4 year s part time


Department of Dental Technology
Sheffield City College
Granville Road
S2 2RL

Telephone: 0114 2602600 (main switch). 0114 2602061 (Dental Technology Dept)

Website: www.sheffcol.ac.uk

Course details:

BTEC Extended Diploma in Dental Technology
Course duration: two years

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