BOS award to an orthodontic dental technician for distinguished service.

Any dental technician nominated by the OTA. The nominee does not need to be a member of the OTA to receive the award.
This award is designed to recognise a dental technician for their service to orthodontic technology throughout their career.
One nomination will be sought annually from the OTA, along with a request for citation outlining the reasons for the nomination by March 31st. If the nomination is confirmed then the winner will be presented with the award at the BOC during the BOS prize presentation ceremony.
Where to send your nomination.
Please complete the nomination form below.

Complete this form by clicking HERE and send your nomination to:

Please return your application form by email to: [email protected]

or by post to:

Mrs Kerry Lancaster, Chief Instructor Orthodontics

Eastman Dental Institute

Room B04

Rockefeller Building

21 University Street




Once your application is received you will be sent a competition pack containing 2 models and information relevant to the competition.



•        Completed entries must be received by the 30th June 2022.

OTA award for outstanding contribution to the field of orthodontic dental technology.

Opening Date for Applications: 13/05/2022.

Closing Date for Applications: 30/06/2022.

Closing Dates for Entries: 31/7/2022.


This competition is open to all students undertaking a recognised first level dental technology course within the UK. It is also open to recently qualified technicians, qualified for less than two years at the time of the competition. You do not need to be a member of the OTA to apply.

You may participate in this award more than once unless:

  1. You have previously won the award.
  2. You applied in a previous year but failed to submit an application by the deadline date.


The competition will consist of three parts:

  • Part 1: An orthodontic removable appliance constructed on a supplied model to the specified requirements on the laboratory prescription form.
  • Part 2: A free choice orthodontic removable appliance constructed on the supplied model in accordance with the information supplied on.
  • Part 3: A written submission of no more than 500 words justifying the design, materials and construction techniques used for part 2.

Competition packs containing models and information relevant to the competition are posted to the participants upon receipt of a completed application form.

The judges are nominated by the OTA Council but always includes the President.

All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation upon the close of the competition.

The Grand Prize.

The winning submission will receive a grand prize of:

  1. A cheque for £750.
  2. Certificate of achievement.
  3. A complimentary evening dinner at the next OTA conference.
  4. Invitation to attend the BOS awards ceremony at the next conference

How to apply.

Download application form

BOS Student Technician Award

For details visit our student’s page.

The Aldridge Medal

Following a generous donation by one of the association’s founders, Bert Aldridge, the Aldridge Medal was launched in 2007. It is the first award to be run solely by the OTA. This award is designed to encourage members to present new research and developments in the field at the annual OTA conference. The best lecturer at the conference, as judged by the OTA member delegates who are present, is awarded the Aldridge Medal. Past Winners: 2007 Susan Owen: Running a commercial orthodontic laboratory. 2008 Paul Mallett: Orthognathic surgery planning – a modified Lockwood technique. 2009 Neil Nairn: 3D Imaging – It’s virtually here. 2010 Keith Evans: Keith Evans Trilogy: I: A different approach to the Roberts labial bow II: High impact mouthguards III: So you can’t afford a laser welder? Why not try resistance soldering?. 2011 Jeff Lewis: Delivering CPD to remote areas. (this lecture was co- presented with Mike Lightowlers). 2012 Amy Myers: From student to Technician: The MAS Standard. 2013 Kevin Wilson: A Novel Patient Controlled Bidirectional Palatal Lift Appliance. 2014 James Abbott: An audit of impression quality. 2015 IOC London: N/A. 2016 Andrea Johnson: Setting up a dental laboratory in Uganda: Why, How, When?