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The OTA has decided to include on its website a page dedicated to updates regarding the coronovirus.


Student awards

Student Awards!

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York Conference

York Conference!

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Teamwork is the key!

We at the OTA are proud to work with anyone who has the professions best interests at heart and we urge all our members to support us by also lobbying your local MP’s.

In a statement released by DLA’s Richard Daniels, he sets out the progress made through hard work, determination and collaboration with like minded professional groups such as the OTA.


The Dental Laboratory Industry July 2020

The position the dental laboratory industry finds itself in currently is potentially catastrophic for the
profession of dental technology. On the 8th June 2020 dental practices were able to re-open,
however due to COVID-19 the number of AGP’s have been dramatically reduced and this has
had a major impact on the volume and type of cases received by dental laboratories


Investigation into the resilience of mixed NHS/Private dental practices following the first wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic

As part of the public health measures and response to the pandemic, the necessary
interruption to dental service provision has had and will continue to have
consequences for income and sustainability of practices, dental laboratories, the
dental supply sector, self-employed dental care professionals and support staff.


SOS Save Our Smiles


We’re teaming up with campaign Save Our Smiles on Instagram to fight for support for dental practices and dental labs that have been excluded from the government’s support schemes during Covid-19. Save Our Smiles is raising awareness around the issues we’re facing as a profession and the implications that is having on patient care by using a grotty toothed filter. Please take part – it’s easy! Here’s how:


1. Take a selfie using the filter here: https://www.saveoursmiles.co.uk/getinvolved

2. Share your new look on social media

3. Tag @saveoursmilesuk on Instagram so we can share and see (if your profile is private, send it in a direct message)

4. Encourage others to get involved by using the hashtags #sos and #saveoursmiles

5. Donate to the Oral Health Foundation if you are able, here: https://www.dentalhealth.org/Appeal/saveoursmiles


For more information on the campaign please check out www.saveoursmiles.co.uk

We are in this Together!

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