When you next navigate to your profile page you will see your membership level has been set to “OTA Website Member”. Previously the OTA membership grades were reflected here (MOTA, LOTA etc…)

The membership level on the website is a way for the membership management system we use to differentiate between users such as the administration accounts and normal website accounts. It actually has no relationship to the membership grades of the OTA but people kept asking about it, so we added the grades.

Unfortunately, this created an administrative nightmare as we are currently in the process of upgrading the website and adding new features. Subsequently, we are having to sort through all the pages to update them so everyone has access. This was detracting from us spending more time developing the new stuff and occasionally we forget to tick the appropriate box leading to access issues for some members.

Therefore, we have taken the decision to remove all the graded membership levels and give everyone a generic OTA website account.

Thanks for your understanding.