At a recent meeting, representatives from the Orthodontic Technicians Association (OTA), Dental Laboratories Association (DLA) and the Dental Technologists Association (DTA) met with Larry Browne from the Dental Technician publication and laboratory owners Graham Cobb and David Smith to discuss issues related to MHRA and MDR.

The meeting was chaired by DTA’s Tony Griffin and provided a forum to discuss the statement of manufacture and changes that come into force in 2020. The group identified a number of specific actions to take forward that will support dental laboratories, particularly in relation to in-practice custom made dental devices.

The group will initially focus on informing key groups about the legal responsibilities with regard to MHRA and the GDC, and the changes that MDR and its requirements regarding the statement of manufacture will mean for everyone who makes custom made dental devices.

It is the intention of the group to support the GDC’s Shifting the Balance programme by providing information to a range of different groups, dental schools, professional bodies and individuals for the benefit of patient care.